Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa When You Are Traveling With Your Family

Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa When You Are Traveling With Your Family

Finding the perfect villa for your family vacation can be daunting. Scrolling through multiple pages of search results, you may face hundreds of villa rental options, even after establishing basic parameters like budget and occupancy.

Even worse, you may face unexpected frustration upon arrival if you do not put time and effort into selecting a villa. Here are mistakes to avoid while booking a villa when traveling with your family to get the postcard-worthy stay your family deserves.

1. Booking a Villa Without Researching the Location

Before booking a villa, you should research the location. It is easy to be captivated by the alluring price tag and enticing photos offered by villas such as St John Villa Rentals; however, it is equally important to consider where the villa is located.

This can be tricky if it is your first time traveling with your family to that location. While each family’s needs vary, here are some important points to consider that can help you find the perfect location:

  • Transportation: If you are traveling to a new location without a vehicle, you should consider rideshare costs, access to public transportation, and walkability.
  • Safety: How safe is the property? Does the ground floor have windows? Does the property have security fencing? Security may not be that big of a concern for a large group — there is strength in numbers. But, for a small family, it is a priority.
  • Noise: Even though noise is not easy to verify beforehand, you can get a rough idea of the noise level in an area by looking at a villa’s proximity to local nightlife cities. If the purpose of your vacation is relaxation, you do not want to book a villa in a party zone.

Likewise, if the purpose of your vacation is to have a wild time, you do not want to disrupt the peace in an otherwise peaceful part of town.

2. Not Reading the Reviews

Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa not reading the reviews
Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa – Not Reading the Reviews

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while booking a villa is not reading the reviews. Guest reviews offer a wealth of information about a property and provide insight into the amenities that previous guests enjoyed most and how the villa is stocked.

Guest reviews like those on St John Villa Rentals also allow you to see how the property owner responds to reviews and addresses guest complaints.

3. Assuming That You Will Have Access To Amenities

Do not assume you will have access to the standard property and household amenities, even if you are staying at a well-known villa like St John Villa Rentals. Instead, research the amenities to avoid being disappointed upon arrival. Ask about:

  • Internet: If you or your significant other plans to work remotely, ensure you ask about the villa’s internet capabilities before booking.
  • Household Items: Be sure to ask about household items like towels, hair dryers, paper products, and cleaning products. You do not have to waste valuable space in your suitcase if the villa provides the same items.
  • Climate Control: Ensure that you ask about air-conditioning, especially if you are vacationing in an area with hot weather. Air-conditioning is uncommon in many places outside the U.S. or is found in certain rooms of a villa, like the master bedroom.

If your family cannot do without air-conditioning, ensure that the villa provides air-conditioning in all rooms.

4.  Downgrading the Villa To Save a Few Bucks

Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa downgrading
Mistakes To Avoid While Booking a Villa – downgrading

There is no problem with setting a budget and wanting to stick to it. However, the problem arises when you try to save a small amount and end up downgrading the entire experience.

For example, if your budget is $6,000 and the best option is $6,200, go a few dollars over your budget and get the best vacation for your vacation. It does you no good to take something far worse at $5,950 or forfeit the vacation.

5.  Overlooking House Rules

Rome Trastevere and Villa Farnesina PRIVATE Walking Tour

Will the villa staff notice if the occupancy limit says eight guests, but you decide to bring two more family members? Of course!

Even though you may find no problem throwing a few sleeping bags on the living room floor, the maximum number of guests is usually non-negotiable. Even if guests stop by the villa and do not plan to stay on the property, this is not always allowed.

Also, check with the property owner if pets are allowed. Breaching any of these can result in penalty fees or cause you to be kicked out of the villa without a refund.

Stay Informed To Enjoy Your Vacation

When traveling with your family, you want to score a villa that will be a home away from home for your entire vacation. By knowing what mistakes to avoid, you can easily select the perfect villa and make your stay memorable.