Location: Bern

Despite being less well-known than Zurich or Geneva, Bern is Switzerland’s capital and a magnificent, historic metropolis steeped in Swiss culture and history. Bern has everything you could want, from fascinating museums to breathtaking vistas and delectable cuisine.
Layover in Bern a Private Tour with a local: Best Highlights of Bern

Bern is an excellent place to visit if you want to get a feel for the Swiss countryside because it is close to some of the country’s most attractive and scenic areas while also being conveniently connected to the rest of the country’s major cities, such as Zurich and Geneva.

Bern has some of the top museums in Switzerland, a beautiful historic district, and easy access to some of the country’s most beautiful parks and forests. It serves as a fantastic cultural hub from which to venture out into Switzerland’s breathtaking landscape.


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