A Photographer’s Guide To Photo Prints

A Photographer’s Guide To Photo Prints

Customizable photo prints are the new trend because of their versatility. In addition, the process of photo printing has become easy with new technology and printing options.

The versatile photo prints come in many types, styles and with various processes. As a photographer, it may seem confusing, so what do you need to produce the best quality photo prints?

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If you are looking for all the methods and popular styles of photo prints, it is a one-stop for you. So let’s have a look at a photographer’s guide to photo prints.

Photo Print Types: The Big Printing Mediums

There are a variety of popular printing materials. One can opt for various mediums according to photo quality and demands. Some of them are pretty popular, and each has its pros and cons. Let’s check it all out.

Canvas Prints

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Canvas prints are widely popular because of their final finish and look. The image printed on the canvas print is textured and premium. The picture is first produced on canvas paper with the latest ink technology. Then, it is coated with protective film, UV scratch resistant, and much more.

The latest technology with durability and lightweight make the canvas photo prints one of the best options. You can check out different canvas photo prints with various styles and frames and turn simple pictures marvelous for further details.

Paper Prints

Paper printing is done on a variety of papers. They are affordable but fragile. They may need some protection and care like framing for increasing their longevity. You have to take care as you can scratch them.

Metal Prints

They are popular, a bit pricey, and stunning in terms of looks. You can print the image on the metal, which looks colossal. The other benefit is there is considerably low wear and tear, and it looks very eye-catching.

Acrylic Prints

The image is printed on acrylic, which is also known as plexiglass. There are two ways to achieve print. First, you can print the image on paper, and then acrylic is placed on it. The second, the image is embedded in acrylic itself.

The product is very vibrant, sleek, and modern. The acrylic prints are costlier than the other medium but impart a very lavish look to the area.

The Tech for Printing Best Photos

Apart from the knowledge of various printing mediums, technology plays an important role. As a photographer, you must prepare the best photo for the process. So let’s check out everything essential.

The Softwares

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It is almost impossible to print an image directly out of the camera. Instead, the photos need sorting, editing, and retouching. Moreover, there can be few or bulk images. So, you need versatile software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., to prepare the photos.

This software allows you to import bulk photos and crop them. Then, you can sort it out according to image size, quality and make adjustments like brightening up the picture.


The monitor can produce the desired effects and help you to observe the differences and scope of improvement. So, select an  IPS (in-plane switching) monitor. These monitors have the most excellent color display, deep blacks, and broad viewing angles. These all properties are required when operating with large picture files for printing.


By choosing the best monitor, you have done half of the work. The other half is calibrating your monitor. In addition, it is necessary for correct color tones and consistency.

It lets you enjoy the natural colors and more accurate images. So, calibration is an essential task for successful editing and printing.

Printing Equipment

There is a wide range of printing equipment with the latest technologies. For example, you can opt for an inkjet printer considering the number of ink cartridges. Also, look for the width that can print, the types of media it can manage, and its entire printable resolution.

Glossy or Matte

As a photographer, you must choose the right finish for your photographs. The glossy finish has a shiny gloss over the print. The glossy finish is good as long as you don’t mind fingerprints and scratches.

On the other hand, the matte finish has no gloss and glare. Instead, they are more textured, and one can choose the style according to the photo, colors, and print style.

The Bottom Line

The photo prints are truly unique, and what makes your photo prints stand out is the choice you make. So, learn the process of editing, use good gadgets and printing mediums for different shots.

Through the process, you will make the right choices and become professional in photo printing. Technology, medium, and gears are evolving every day, opening new horizons of photo printing. The product is special memories that are truly priceless and beautiful.

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