Bern Capital City Small Group Tour

Tour of Bern, from $91


Bahnhofplatz. 10A, 3011 Bern


46.9487873, 7.44040015


Bahnhofplatz. 10A, 3011 Bern


46.9487873, 7.44040015

Bern Capital City Small Group Tour. This three-hour city tour of Switzerland’s capital is an informative walking tour that will take you all the major locations in the city. See the garden of roses with an astonishing perspective of the city, explore below arcades built under protection of the UNESCO, then walk alongside the Rhône River and visit the bears that have their habitats there in front of the Swiss Federal Palace.

We’re included on this tour from the start with our professional guide. We’ll be happy to help you understand the people and culture of the country you’re visiting. The tour guide knows the locations and avoids the well-trodden path.

Bern Capital City Small Group Tour


Rose Garden (Rosengarten)

Garden of roses, scenic view point, enjoy roses and wonderful view. Admission Ticket Included.

Bear Pit bear park, Aare river.

Admission Ticket Included

Nydeggbrücke Nydegg bridge, old town

The Nydeggbrücke is a bridge which connects the eastern part of Bern old city to the new part. It crosses over the Aare and is located very close to the Bärengraben.


Situated in the southeast of the Aare peninsula, the Mattequartier, together with the Nydegg, constitute medieval Bern’s smallest neighborhoods.

Personenaufzug Matte-Plattform

The Mattelift, also popularly known as the Senkeltram , is an electric passenger lift that connects the cathedral platform in Bern with Badgasse, 31.5 meters below, in the Matte district.


The Münsterplattform is a Bern Cathedral upstream rectangular terrace on the slope to the Aare River.

Cathedral at Munsterplatz / St. Vincent (Munster Kirche)

Great minster church.

Erlacherhof city government

The Erlacherhof is a town mansion on the Junkerngasse No. 47 in the Old City of Bern.

Rathaus Bern

Bern Townhall houses the Grand Council of Bern, the Executive Council of Bern and the Grand Council of the City of Bern.

Clock Tower – Zytglogge

The Zytglogge is a landmark medieval tower in Bern.

Federal Building (Bundeshaus)

The Federal Palace (Bundeshaus) is the building in Bern housing the Swiss Federal Assembly and the Federal Council.


The Universal Postal Monument is located on the Kleine Schanze in Bern and reminds us that Bern is the founding city and seat of the Universal Postal Union.

Universitat Bern

University of Bern terraces.


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