Private Architectural Walk of Basel

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St. Alban-Vorstadt 101, 4052 Basel


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St. Alban-Vorstadt 101, 4052 Basel


47.5532999, 7.6031935

Private Architectural Walk of Basel. Have you thought of visiting Switzerland? Why not take a trip to Basel? Basel, in the northwest of Switzerland at the border with France and Germany, allows visitors to explore the ancient sights of a city spanning the Rhine river.

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors have made the third largest city in Switzerland famous. The city also has a thriving art and theater community, for which it is known far and wide. The cultural options of Basel are extensive, including numerous museums, theaters, and opera houses.

Join this small-group architectural tour of Basel to gain insight into the city’s past and present. As you stroll through the streets of this Swiss city with your guide, you’ll see sights like the Town Hall, Kunsthalle Basel, and Middle Bridge, learn about the “starchitects” who have left their imprint here, and take in the local flavor.

Private Architectural Walk of Basel


  • Get your visit to Basel off to a great start on a private walking tour
  • This personalized, small-group tour is capped at just eight participants
  • Discover Basel’s top attractions in the space of a single tour
  • This landmark-heavy itinerary is perfect for architecture lovers Exploring on foot makes it easy to soak up the city’s atmosphere
  • Ask as many questions as you like from your private guide

About Basel

Basel’s central location on the Rhine has made it a major trading hub throughout the city’s history. Basel’s proximity to both France and Germany has contributed to the city’s growth as a hub for Swiss culture; the city is home to numerous museums, galleries, and internationally acclaimed festivals. Basel is a city in Switzerland that is often neglected by tourists, despite its lively atmosphere, big and well-preserved old town, and prominent structures.

Architectural Walk of Basel with a Local

With one of Switzerland’s finest Old Towns, a plethora of museums, galleries, and theaters, a plethora of Rhine-centered activities, and easy proximity to both Germany and France, Basel is a fantastic travel destination.

As a city, Basel is a paradise for foodies, with restaurants serving everything from Swiss-German and Swiss-French classics to Japanese, South American, and Indian fare.

There’s something for everyone at the city’s little more than 500 eateries, and the food truck and market scene is thriving. Basel is located only minutes from the French border, but the city’s traditional cuisine has a strong Swiss-German flavor.

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Kunsthalle Basel (Pass By)

Since its inception in 1872, the Kunsthalle Basel has served as a forum for the display, analysis, and debate of modern and contemporary art. It is well-known for its risky and varied programming, as well as its dedication to artists long before they become household names. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the stunning exhibition halls, which are always packed with interesting displays and events.

Wettsteinbrücke (Pass By)

Discover the best buildings in Basel from the perfect point of view.  The Middle Bridge (Mittlere Brucke) has been Grossbasel and Kleinbasel’s only connection for over 650 years. A second bridge across the Rhine was required due to traffic congestion and population growth in the 19th century.

Today, you can easily go from the SBB train station to the Badischer Bahnhof and vice versa via tram, car, or bike, or enjoy a leisurely stroll across the Wettsteinbrücke to the Museum Tinguely. Take your camera with you because the view of Basel Minster from the bridge is stunning.

The bridge used to be sarcastically called the “sloping bridge of Basel” because of the height difference between Gross- and Kleinbasel. The city’s mayor, Johann Rudolf Wettstein, is honored with the bridge’s original name (1594 – 1666).

Porte St. Alban (Pass By)

Dating back to around 1400, the Porte St. Alban (St.Alban’s Gate) is the entrance of a beautiful neighborhood within the medieval walled city.

The ancient city gate still has a massive wooden door and paling that were lowered during times of peril. The St. Alban neighborhood of the city is like stepping back in time to the Middle Ages, with its tiny, twisting lanes and antique buildings. The Porte St. Alban also called the “Dalbedoor,” serves as the neighborhood’s entrance.

Bank for International Settlements (Botta Building) (Pass By)

An impressive building for an impressive bank, get to know all the history of the place and the BIS Bank

Mittlere Brucke (Pass By) Discover the Middle Bridge and its history!

Tinguely Fountain

Swiss artist Jean Tinguely walled a small fountain with black asphalt and, inside, he built mechanical figurines that look like they are playing in the water; these figures are actually operated by the low-voltage current. Like the mime artists, actors, and dancers who previously performed on the stage that originally stood here, these 10 iron figures are always moving and talking to one another.

Instagrammable Places of Basel with a Local

Artwork featuring a variety of moving characters was inspired by the fact that the site of the fountain was formerly a theater stage. About ten different people are posed side by side in the artwork. There are moments when the actors move and play with the water as if in a stage production.

Everyone loves the fountain that was finished in 1977. There are similar Tinguely kinetic fountains in Basel, Paris, and Fribourg, among other places.


The council rooms, the inner courtyard, the romantic arcades, and the tower make the town hall a must-see. After the devastating earthquake, this structure was erected to serve as the new government center. Basel’s front building was rebuilt with a more emblematic structure after the city joined the Confederation.

The battlements were adorned with the coats of arms of the 12 countries that made up the Confederation at the time the canton joined it. As part of the town hall’s expansion at the turn of the 17th century, artist Hans Bock painted a series of stylized facades to give the building an imposing appearance. The tower on the right and the wing on the far left were added around 1900.

Here we conclude our Private Architectural Walk of Basel.

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